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NSW CPAP is the leading supplier of Automatic machines. We stock all the major brands including Resmed, Fisher & Paykel, Philips, DeVilbiss and Transcend. If you would like to read how Automatic Machines work, please click Read More.

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What is an APAP Machine?

An Automatic Machine (or APAP) is a very sophisticated device that automatically detects when your airways are closing. The built-in sensors then calculate the required pressure level to maintain normal breathing. This device can therefore reduce the snoring symptoms of sleep apnea and also prevent the airways closing completely. When the patient’s breathing returns to normal, the air pressure automatically decreases to a low comfortable level. Therefore the Automatic Machine is a quieter, more comfortable option and encourages a restful and peaceful sleep.

Automatic Machines can be adjusted to a minimum and maximum pressure. The pressure range is anywhere from 4cm to 20cm of air pressure. The device will calculate the ideal pressure for you each night and also into the future ( when your pressure requirements will inevitably change).

Auto Pressure Machines

Automatic machines are particularly advantageous when considering the different stages of sleep. The deeper the sleep, the more relaxed a person becomes thus making them more susceptible to events of breathing cessation. Automatic machines compensate for these changes in sleep stages and are therefore the preferred option. 

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