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AirSense 11

Transform Your Sleep with AirSense 11

Advanced Comfort Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

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The AirSense 11, ResMed's innovative advancement in CPAP technology, offers a comprehensive and effective CPAP therapy solution. It integrates the HumidAir™ humidifier for optimal humidity control, reducing discomfort like dryness. The AutoRamp™ feature with sleep onset detection ensures a comfortable start to therapy by gradually increasing air pressure. The user-friendly touchscreen enhances interaction, making the CPAP device intuitive to use. Its whisper-quiet operation allows for undisturbed sleep for both the user and their bed partner. This advanced CPAP machine not only ensures effective treatment but also provides personalised support, making the therapy journey more comfortable and user-focused.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Personalised Therapy Support: Exclusive access to myAir™, including Personal Therapy Assistant, for a guided and confident therapy start.
  • Proven ResMed Algorithms: AutoSet™ and AutoSet for Her modes adapt to your breathing, ensuring comfort and efficiency.
  • Remote Upgrade Capability: Stay updated with the latest technology and features via over-the-air updates.
  • Advanced Comfort: AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection and Easy-Breathe™ waveform provide a natural and gentle therapy experience.
  • Comprehensive Data Tracking: Integrated cellular module enables easy data transfer, helping you monitor your therapy progress effectively.
  • Sleek, User-Friendly Design: Features like a simple Start/Stop button, intuitive touchscreen, and modern aesthetics make the device a seamless addition to your nightstand.

Revolutionising CPAP Therapy with Advanced Features and User-Centric Design

Experience how the AirSense 11 transforms CPAP therapy, combining user comfort with advanced technology. Its responsive touchscreen and quiet operation are designed for a seamless integration into your nightly routine. Here's what makes the AirSense 11 exceptional.

  • Pressure Delivery

    Continuous positive airway pressure is efficiently delivered through the tubing to the mask.

  • Mask System

    The mask’s design ensures direct and comfortable airway delivery.

  • Humidification

    The HumidAir™ humidifier adds moisture for enhanced breathing comfort.

  • Power Supply

    A reliable 65W unit provides uninterrupted operation.

  • Air Filtration

    High-quality filters ensure air purity, enhancing therapy effectiveness.

  • myAir App

    This app offers setup guidance, sleep tracking, and personalised coaching, enriching your therapy experience.

What's New in the
ResMed AirSense 11?

The AirSense 11 builds upon the trusted foundation of the AirSense 10, introducing new features for an even more tailored and convenient therapy experience.

Enhanced features like the Personal Therapy Assistant and Care Check-In offer guided support, making therapy initiation and adherence more comfortable and reassuring. The modern design and intuitive controls further enhance the user experience, ensuring the AirSense 11 is not just a medical device, but a welcome part of your nightly routine. Read more about the differences between the AirSense 10 and AirSense 11 on our blog.

AirSense 11 Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your AirSense 11 is straightforward and essential for optimal performance
Maintenance Frequency Action Additional Tips
  • Empty and wipe the integrated, heated humidifier tub with a clean, disposable cloth.
  • Let it dry away from direct sunlight before refilling.
Ensure the tub is completely dry to prevent mold growth.
  • Wash air tubing, integrated, heated humidifier tub, and outlet connector with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • Rinse and air dry.
  • Wipe device exterior with a dry cloth.
Use a soft brush to gently clean the air tubing if there’s visible dust or residue.
  • Replace mask cushions, pillows, and machine air filters.
Regular replacement helps prevent skin irritation and maintains air quality.
  • Replace the mask frame (excluding headgear) and tubing.
Check for any cracks or wear that could affect the seal and therapy efficiency.
  • Replace headgear, chin strap, and humidifier water tub.
Inspect headgear elasticity and adjust or replace if it’s loose.
Additional notes:
  • Regularly inspect all components for signs of wear or damage, replacing as necessary.
  • Keep spare parts like filters and tubing on hand for timely replacements.
  • Ensure the power cord and plug are in good condition, replacing if frayed or damaged.
  • Avoid using scented soaps or strong cleaning agents that might leave residue or damage the equipment.

AirSense 11 Model Variants: Tailoring to Your Therapy Needs

The AirSense 11 comes in two models, catering to diverse therapy needs:

  • AutoSet: Adaptive Pressure Adjustment

    The ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet model is ideal for users requiring dynamic therapy modes or types. It features expiratory pressure relief and automatically adjusts pressure levels throughout the night, making CPAP therapy easy. This adaptability makes the AutoSet model a standout among CPAP machines, suitable for a wide range of patients, particularly those with varying pressure needs.

  • Elite: Consistent Fixed Pressure

    The Elite model is tailored for users who benefit from a constant pressure setting. It delivers a fixed level of pressure, consistent throughout the night, and is well-suited for users with stable pressure requirements. This model incorporates trusted therapy modes and the climate control feature, making it a reliable choice among CPAP machines.

Comparison of AirSense 10 and AirSense 11

Features and Specs AirSense 10 AutoSet AirSense 11 AutoSet
Sound Level 26.6 dBA 27 dBA
Weight 1248g 1130g
Size (Machine Only) 116mm x 150mm x 255mm 94.5mm x 138.5mm x 259.4mm
Power 90W AC Adaptor 65W AC Adaptor
Max Operating Altitude 8500 ft 9870 ft
AutoSet for Her Separate Machine Built-In Algorithm
Battery Backup Available
Built-In Humidifier
Heated Humidifier
Integrated Heated Hose
Pressure Settings from 4 cm H2O to 20 cm H2O
Ramp Functionality
Tracks Therapy Data
Care Check-In
Personal Therapy Assistant
Bluetooth Connectivity
OTA: Over-the-Air Software Updates
Test Drive

Differences Between AirSense 10 and AirSense 11

  • The AirSense 11 represents a significant advancement from the AirSense 10. While both models are built on the trusted foundation of ResMed's therapy technology, the AirSense 11 introduces enhanced digital health technology and a more user-friendly experience.The most noticeable change is the modern design and the introduction of a responsive touchscreen interface, making navigation and adjustments more intuitive.
  • In terms of therapy, the AirSense 11 maintains the effective AutoSet algorithm but with improved responsiveness, adapting more precisely to individual breathing patterns. This results in a more comfortable therapy experience with minimal disturbance during sleep.
  • Connectivity has also been upgraded in the AirSense 11. The new model includes cellular connectivity and allows for remote software updates, ensuring that the device remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.
  • The advanced tracking and support through the myAir app provide users with detailed insights into their therapy progress, enhancing engagement and compliance. Additionally, the AirSense 11 operates even more quietly than its predecessor, further improving the sleep environment for both the user and their bed partner.

Overall, the AirSense 11 is a more refined and user-centric CPAP machine, offering significant improvements in design, technology, and user experience over the AirSense 10.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Visit NSW CPAP for the current pricing details of the ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet. The regular price is $1,995.00 AUD.

  • Flexible financing options are available, such as ZipPay, making the purchase of this advanced CPAP machine more accessible​​.
  • Enjoy free delivery for orders over $99 AUD, ensuring you receive your ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet with convenience and ease​​.
  • Special promotions or discounts may apply each month and throughout the year. Be sure to check NSW CPAP’s website for the latest offers​​.
  • NSW CPAP provides lifetime customer support for the AirSense 11, including expert guidance on set ups, troubleshoot fitting and comfort, and enhancing your therapy experience with this CPAP device.
  • The ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet is available for immediate dispatch or in-store at NSW CPAP locations in Bondi Junction, Parramatta, Dee Why, Miranda​​, Canberra and now Port Macquarie.
How often should I clean my AirSense 11?
Regular cleaning as per the manufacturer's guidelines is crucial for maintaining hygiene and optimal functionality. Typically, this includes weekly cleaning of the water tub and mask, and monthly replacement of the air filter.
Can I use AirSense 11 if I travel?
Absolutely. Its compact design makes it travel-friendly, and it can easily adapt to different power supplies, making it a convenient companion for travellers.
Is there a warranty for the AirSense 11?
Yes, the AirSense 11 comes with a manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality and reliability.
How does the AutoSet feature work?
The AutoSet feature uses advanced algorithms to continuously monitor your breathing patterns and automatically adjust pressure levels. This ensures effective therapy throughout the night and enhances comfort by providing the right amount of pressure as needed.
Can I track my therapy progress?
Yes, the AirSense 11 offers integrated connectivity options. Through the myAir app, you can easily track your therapy progress, view sleep reports, and receive personalised insights, helping you stay engaged and informed about your therapy.