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Sleep apnea sufferers know how vital it is to keep up with CPAP therapy every night, even when on the road. We offer a huge range of CPAP battery kits and power cords to ensure you can confidently take your CPAP therapy with you when you’re away from home. Battery kits are also a great way of creating peace of mind - knowing you are protected if the power fails during the night.

We stock an extensive range of battery solutions from all the leading brands in CPAP therapy, including Transcend, ResMed and Philips.

When Do You Need a CPAP Battery Kit?

CPAP batteries are designed to provide adequate power to your CPAP machine when you are unable to plug it into main power. This makes battery kits ideal for travelling, visiting family or when you’re on the road.

We know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, free of interruptions. CPAP back-up power batteries offer peace of mind so that you can sleep with confidence, knowing that your CPAP machine will continue to run throughout the night even if the power goes out.

Benefits of CPAP Batteries

Your CPAP therapy routine doesn’t need to keep you tied down. CPAP battery kits offer you flexibility and the option to confidently take your CPAP therapy on the road. A travel battery will allow you to travel to remote places without mains power, including camping or road trips.

Many of the battery power packs for CPAP machines we offer are small and lightweight, making them travel-friendly. Add on a travel bag, and you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time. Our CPAP lithium batteries are just as effective as plugging your machine into main power, so there’s no compromise on comfort or efficacy.

Which Battery Is Right for Me and How Long Does a Charge Last?

Selecting the right battery for you depends on your unit and your intended use. It’s important to make sure you select a battery that is compatible with your CPAP machine. You may want a battery that will provide backup power when you’re at home or one that also offers the option to travel.

The time of use on a single charge varies depending on several factors including the battery selected, the CPAP machine in use, your level of air pressure, and whether or not you have a humidifier or heated tubes. Check out the product listings for more information on each battery, or speak to our friendly CPAP experts to see how long a battery will last for your use.

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Have confidence in purchasing a CPAP battery online from NSW CPAP. We have the best prices in Australia - guaranteed! Browse our range of high-quality CPAP batteries, battery kits and power cords today to ensure you have backup power if needed or travel-friendly options for your CPAP therapy.

We are happy to assist you in selecting the right battery for your machine and your needs.