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Comfort is key when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep while using CPAP therapy. It can take some time to get accustomed to the feeling of a mask on your face, which can interfere with your quality of sleep. 

Here at NSW CPAP, we stock specialised CPAP pillows that help provide additional comfort and support throughout the night to encourage a deeper and more restful sleep.

What is a CPAP pillow?

Designed to support the spine during your CPAP use, a specialised CPAP pillow will help your face mask stay in place throughout the night. They vary in design, but in general CPAP pillows feature a cut-out or curve which will allow users to sleep on their side even with their nasal or full face mask on. 

Sleep apnea pillows mould to the shape of your body to support a straight spine and neck. This will allow you to sleep in various sleeping positions that your regular pillow may make impossible while you’re wearing your CPAP mask. CPAP pillows are height adjustable, so that you can find the height that is right for you.


Benefits of a CPAP pillow

No matter how well you have your CPAP equipment set to your needs, achieving deep sleep may still seem impossible - and it could be due to your pillow. Without the right pillow, CPAP therapy can interfere with you getting into a comfortable sleeping position, drifting off and remaining asleep. 

CPAP pillows aim to reduce soreness or stiffness after sleep, and minimise red lines or discomfort from your mask digging into your face throughout the night. In addition, CPAP pillows reduce the risk of face mask leaks, as the mask will remain in place and maintain a good seal. 

Many CPAP pillows on the market introduce aromatherapy to your CPAP experience. Infused cooling gel is used to help absorb moisture and reduce perspiration, leading to a more comfortable experience overall. 

CPAP pillows offer a new level of flexibility to sleep apnea sufferers that use full face masks. Full face mask users can often find it challenging to sleep on their side, but with the curvature of a CPAP pillow supporting them, side-sleeping is an option. 

Keeping up with your CPAP therapy every night is vital. A CPAP pillow will ensure maximum comfort and increased effectiveness from your CPAP therapy, as your mask is less likely to be dislodged.

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The CPAP specialists from NSW CPAP are your one stop shop for everything related to CPAP and sleep apnea therapy. 

We offer competitive pricing across all our CPAP accessories to ensure you can find the sleep solution to help you get a good night’s rest. Browse our extensive range of CPAP pillows, masks and machines online today, or reach out to our friendly team of sleep apnea experts for support.