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Lowenstein CPAP Machine

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Lowenstein CPAP machines set a new standard for CPAP therapy delivery and ensure a more restful night’s sleep for users. Delivering unsurpassed clinical efficacy, these devices distinguish themselves with innovative technology, exceptional performance, and reliability—all thanks to renowned German engineering. For those seeking an effective, quiet obstructive apnea treatment, Lowenstein CPAP machines are a premium choice.

Unmatched Clinical Efficacy of Lowenstein CPAP Devices

Lowenstein products are capable of operating effectively at significantly lower air pressures than leading alternatives, achieving optimal treatment levels while minimising the risk of mask leakages. This results in a significantly improved and more comfortable treatment experience with quieter operation to reduce sleep interruptions. It’s these astounding results that continue to showcase the remarkable engineering and efficacy of Lowenstein products. 

Superior Treatment Standards

Similarly recorded in this study alongside leading market devices, the Lowenstein CPAP machine is shown to have caused fewer sleep disturbances. This is thanks to reduced high or low pressurisation surges that commonly cause sleep disturbances or sub-optimal treatment sessions. When using Lowenstein CPAP devices and accessories, you can be certain that your sleep apnea treatment will be conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible while allowing you to rest more easily than ever.  

Dynamic, Optimised Pressure Relief

Only Lowenstein devices possess an adaptive pressure relief option that detects every exhalation and automatically adjusts the degree of pressure used to make each breath easier. This allows the device to dynamically respond to your varied and periodic breathing patterns throughout the night and manage your treatment as reliably as possible by differentiating between breathing challenges and baseline pressure needs. This optimal treatment pressure delivery algorithm and adaptive exhale relief combination is unique to Lowenstein CPAP devices and showcases their unmatched clinical efficacy and therapeutic effectiveness. 

Prioritising Quiet Operation and Reducing Disturbances in CPAP Therapy

One of the most common complaints CPAP users voice is how loud their devices can be. Lower noise levels are a major factor in selecting sleep apnea treatment equipment, and Lowenstein products excel in this area. Designed to operate effectively up to 50cm of air pressure—compared to other devices with a maximum capacity of 20 cm of air pressure, the Lowenstein Prisma20A is all but completely idle when left at typical treatment levels. This user-centric focus on ensuring patients and their partners are left undisturbed by their obstructive or central apnea therapy is one of many reasons Lowenstein devices are so highly regarded.  

Premium German Engineering and Features

German engineering is evident in each device, component and accessory found in Lowenstein products. From the precise mechanics to the high-quality materials used in their construction, every machine is designed to run as reliably, smoothly and efficiently as possible. Coupled with premium Prisma accessories, diverse interfaces and convenient features, these CPAP machines ensure seamless integration with existing medical setups, and users can be sure that their treatment will be completely tailored to their therapy needs. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Each Lowenstein device is created from only the finest equipment, such as the Prisma20A, created from pieces typically found in hospital ventilator equipment—meaning each component is manufactured to the highest standards. Each Prisma20A unit comes with the PrismaHYBERNITE heated breathing tube to ensure consistent heat control and condensation reduction within the tube, facilitating a better sleep experience. Other technologies, such as Smart Aqua Control, available with the Prisma20A and SMART Max machines, work to adjust humidity levels and continuously improve your comfort without the need for manual intervention, leading to sleep disruptions. 

Intuitive, Seamless Connections

With a large, intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen for quick navigation, users can make a pressure adjustment in their settings or otherwise enhance their sleep apnea treatment as necessary. Innovative features, such as pressure relief SoftPAP detection, are easily utilised to ensure effective treatment without requiring an in-depth knowledge of operating your device. Coupled with convenient internal Bluetooth capabilities, devices such as the Prisma SMART Max can connect seamlessly to various health apps and monitor your sleep quality or treatment. 

Improving Industry Standards

Setting a new benchmark for CPAP machine standards, the Lowenstein Prisma20A allows for up to 50 cm of air pressure, starkly contrasting typical devices with a maximum of only 20cm. This high capacity ensures your device can optimally operate your tailored therapy needs without straining its capabilities. All while reducing operational sound to barely noticeable levels in typical therapy settings. Similarly, the Prisma SMART Max and Prisma20A feature deep sleep indicators that allow sleep therapy professionals to tailor your treatment. Each Lowenstein device is designed to improve upon industry standards and raise the proverbial bar higher than ever before. 

What comes in the box?

With accessories such as a heated tube, convenient carry bag and humidifier, these devices offer the ultimate sleep therapy solutions thanks to their comprehensive setup. These packages include: 

In the box Prisma SMART Max Prisma20A
Basic device
PrismaBAG, carrying bag
PrismaHYBERNITE 15mm Flexible Heated Breathing Tube (WM29083)
Breathing Tube 22mm
Power Supply Unit
Main Power Cable AU/NZ Type I
Set of 2 Air Filters
SD Card
PrismaAQUA Humidifier
Instructions For Use Prisma20C/20A/CR/255
Instructions For Use Prisma SMART Max
Instructions For Use PrismaAQUA (DE, EN, FR, NL, IT, TR, ES [MX])
Modem For Prisma CLOUD Including 5 Years Data Transmission (WM31770) *

*The Lowenstein Prisma20A requires a separate modem attachment to utilise the Prisma CLOUD that comes with your product purchase.

User Experiences and Lifestyle Benefits

For those undergoing CPAP therapy, 

The positive benefits of CPAP therapy have long been studied and proven. Continuous usage with optimal settings, mask adjustments, and other factors can greatly contribute to improved sleep and overall health. The Lowenstein Prisma20A, and other Lowenstein devices, aim to take things a step further

Lowenstein particularly strives to improve the quality of user sleep by reducing mask leakage, enhancing sleep quality, lowering blood pressure, and lessening side effects. These measures reportedly result in an increased quality of life for users. Lowenstein devices allow sleep apnea professionals to take therapy optimisation to new levels by focusing on patient comfort and offering a deep sleep indicator for added precision. 

Breathe Easy at Night with Lowenstein

Explore the benefits and superior performance of the Löwenstein Prisma 20A and Lowenstein Prisma SMART Max. Visit NSW CPAP today to discover how this revolutionary device can transform your sleep therapy experience. Opt for the world's quietest and most effective CPAP therapy—choose Lowenstein CPAP devices for your sleep therapy and health needs.