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CPAP machines are made up of many different components that need to be regularly cleaned and replaced to ensure the machine is working efficiently and you’re getting the most from your sleep apnea therapy. Each CPAP unit contains an air filter, which effectively filters out dust, pollen and any other pollutants so that the air you breathe in through the mask is clean and contaminant-free.

To improve the longevity of your CPAP machine, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced regularly. Each manufacturer has recommendations for how often you should clean or replace the air filter of your CPAP machine, so make sure you check the requirements for your specific CPAP unit.

We are your one stop shop for CPAP machines and accessories, and we stock a wide range of replacement CPAP filters to ensure you can breathe easy and get a good night’s sleep.

CPAP Disposable Filters

Disposable filters are usually made of a material like paper which is not created for longevity of use; they are designed to be used and then discarded. As a general rule, it’s advised that you replace your disposable CPAP filter once a month, or sooner if you live in a dusty environment or notice visible residue or discolouration on the filter.

Disposable filters are a good option if you suffer from allergies, as they filter fine particles. Some hypoallergenic filters are made with a combination of materials to effectively filter out both large and small contaminants, perfect for those that suffer from hay fever or other airborne allergies. Hypoallergenic filters are usually disposable.

CPAP Reusable Filters

Reusable CPAP filters are usually made of foam or a similar material, and are resigned to be washed and reused. They should be taken out and washed in warm soapy water every few weeks or so, and thoroughly rinsed. They should be allowed to dry completely before being fitted back into the CPAP machine.

Reusable filters are great at filtering out large particles like hair, pet dander and pollen. Even though they are washable and reusable, as with other components of your CPAP machine, after continued use you will eventually need to replace them.

Some CPAP devices come with two filters - a disposable one and a reusable one - for optimum filtration. If your machine has two filters, make sure you remember which one needs to be thrown away, and which one you wash and reuse.

CPAP machine manufacturers create replacement filters that are compatible with their machines. Make sure you select replacement filters that will fit your unit.

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