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For those undergoing CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, comfort isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Consistent nightly use of a CPAP machine is crucial for effective treatment. Therefore, it’s important to find a machine and its accessories that align with your comfort needs. With a range of mask styles available, it’s essential to consider all your options so you can find one that offers the perfect fit.

At NSW CPAP, we proudly offer an extensive selection of CPAP nasal masks from industry-leading brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Philips, ResMed, and many others.

Understanding Nasal CPAP Masks

A nasal CPAP mask—typically triangular in shape—is designed to fit snugly around the user’s nose. This design facilitates the smooth flow of air through the mask. To ensure the mask remains securely in place throughout the night, it comes with headgear, often made of stretchy material that wraps around the head. For those who prefer a different style, the nasal pillow mask is another option to consider.

Why Choose Nasal Masks?

Nasal masks are the go-to choice for individuals who predominantly breathe through their nose during sleep. Here’s why:

  • Effective Seal: These masks are adept at providing a tight seal, ensuring minimal air leakage—even for side sleepers.
  • Comfort First: As the CPAP nasal mask doesn’t intrude into the nose, users find it quite comfortable. Compared to full face masks—which cover both the nose and mouth—nasal masks are less bulky and obtrusive.
  • Size Matters: Many users gravitate towards nasal masks because of their compact size, which reduces the likelihood of feeling confined or claustrophobic.
  • Natural Airflow: The sensation of airflow through a nasal mask often feels more organic than the direct airflow to the mouth that a full face mask provides. This is especially true for those who use nasal pillows for added comfort.

When Nasal Masks Might Not Be the Best Choice

While nasal masks are a popular choice, they might not be suitable for everyone:

  • Mouth Breathers: If you tend to breathe through your mouth while sleeping, a nasal mask might not provide the desired results. However, pairing it with a chin strap can help keep the mouth closed during sleep, improving its effectiveness.
  • Allergies and Sinus Issues: Those with sinus congestion or allergies might find that direct airflow into the nose exacerbates their symptoms. In such cases, a sleep apnea mask designed for mouth breathing might be more appropriate.
  • Facial Hair Concerns: Individuals with abundant facial hair might face challenges in achieving a perfect seal with a nasal mask. They might need frequent adjustments or might find that larger masks—like full face masks—offer a better fit.

If you find that a nasal mask isn’t the ideal fit for your needs, we also offer an impressive collection of full face masks and nasal pillow masks.

Your Sleep is Our Priority

At NSW CPAP, we understand the profound impact of a restful night’s sleep on overall wellbeing. Recognising this importance, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence in both product offerings and customer service. Explore our diverse range of CPAP masks online, or connect with our knowledgeable team to learn more about how we can assist you on your CPAP journey. For those struggling with obstructive sleep apnea, finding the right mask can make all the difference.


How do I ensure the longevity and proper maintenance of my nasal CPAP mask?

To prolong the life of your nasal CPAP mask and maintain optimal performance, it’s essential to clean it regularly. A gentle cleanser free of harsh chemicals and a soft cloth can be used for daily cleaning. Additionally, always check for any signs of wear or damage, and replace mask cushions and parts as needed. It’s also advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s care guidelines specific to your mask model.

Can I use a nasal CPAP mask if I have a beard or moustache?

While many individuals with facial hair can successfully use a nasal CPAP mask, achieving a perfect seal might be a challenge. The mask might require frequent adjustments to maintain an effective seal. If a nasal mask does not provide a satisfactory fit due to facial hair, you might want to consider trying a full face mask or discussing alternative options with a sleep specialist.

If I’m unsure about the type of mask that’s right for me, can I get assistance in making a choice?

Absolutely! At NSW CPAP, we prioritise your comfort and sleep health. Our knowledgeable team is here to help guide you in selecting the mask that’s best suited for your needs. Whether you’re considering a nasal mask, full face mask, or nasal pillow mask, we can provide insights based on your preferences and any challenges you might have. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can assist you on your CPAP journey. With four NSW CPAP clinics located in Bondi Junction, Parramatta, Dee Why and Miranda, our expert team is on hand and ready to assist you both in-store and online.