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In order for CPAP therapy to be an effective form of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, it must be used every night. Some CPAP users find the prospect of travelling or sleeping away from home to be daunting, either deciding to stay at home instead, or miss out on the benefits of their CPAP therapy for the duration of their time away from home.

CPAP travel bags are a handy accessory for those that want the flexibility of being able to take their CPAP therapy on the road. Here at NSW CPAP we stock various CPAP travel bags so you can find the one compatible with your machine, and rest assured knowing you’ll be getting a good night’s sleep - even when you’re away from home.

Features of CPAP Travel Bags

Each CPAP travel bag is unique, and many are made specific to certain CPAP machines and accessories. In general though, a CPAP travel bag will be able to accommodate a travel-friendly CPAP device, CPAP tubing or hose, CPAP mask and power supply. Some will accommodate your humidifier, if your CPAP device has one. Travel bags usually come with a shoulder strap or easy-carry handle for convenience when you’re on the move.

Padded compartments and dividers within the CPAP travel bags will keep all the parts secure during transit to avoid damage to the items. You will love the option of additional pockets to store other things you may need on your trip, such as your laptop or phone charger.

Check the dimensions of your CPAP travel bag to be sure, but most of them fit within the limits for hand luggage on flights.

Selecting Your CPAP Travel Bag

When selecting the best CPAP travel bag for you, it’s important that the bag be compatible with your CPAP unit. Some travel bags are made specifically for certain machines, while others are made in a more general fashion to fit many different types of CPAP devices.

Although CPAP travel bags are padded and contain dividers to store all the necessary accessories of your CPAP set-up, you may be worried about damage to your CPAP accessories during transit. If you’re worried about your items being damaged, or you want that extra peace of mind, opt for a hard case. The hard shell of the bag will offer further protection to your CPAP parts when you’re on the move.

NSW CPAP Travel Bag Range

Browse our range of CPAP travel bags, or reach out to our friendly team of sleep apnea experts who can help you find the right CPAP accessories for you. 

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