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AirSense 10

Experience Restorative Sleep Apnea Treatment With The Airsense 10 CPAP Machine

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The ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet redefines CPAP therapy with its state-of-the-art design, tailored specifically for individuals managing obstructive sleep apnea, also known as obstructive sleep apnoea. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and therapeutic effectiveness, this CPAP machine ensures you can enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep uninterrupted. Key features such as advanced pressure adjustments, combined with an integrated humidifier, offer optimised comfort and reduced disturbances. Plus, it's quiet operation ensures that your sleep environment remains peaceful and relaxing. The AirSense 10 not only provides effective treatment but also focuses on personalising the therapy experience, ensuring each user’s journey towards better sleep is as comfortable as possible.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sleep Onset Detection: Intelligent adjustments for a seamless sleep therapy initiation.
  • Climate Control Technology: Ensures consistent humidification for added comfort.
  • Easy-Breathe Motor: Operates quietly for minimal disturbance.
  • Wireless Data Transmission Capability: Simplifies monitoring and management of therapy data.
  • AutoSet Algorithm: Customises pressure to your prescribed level for effective sleep apnea therapy.

How Does the AirSense 10 Work?

The AirSense 10 AutoSet employs continuous positive airway pressure to maintain open airways throughout the night. Its sleep onset detection delivers precise pressure once you've fallen asleep, adapting as your sleep phase changes. The machine’s technology is geared towards providing an effective yet gentle sleep therapy experience.

AirSense 10 Maintenance Guide

Routine maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. We provide simple guidelines for regular care, ensuring your AirSense 10 remains in top condition.
Maintenance Frequency Action Additional Tips
  • Empty and wipe the humidifier tub with a clean, disposable cloth.
  • Let it dry away from direct sunlight before refilling.
Ensure the tub is completely dry to prevent mould growth.
  • Wash the air tubing, humidifier tub, and outlet connector with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • Rinse and air dry.
  • Wipe device exterior with a dry cloth.
  • Use a soft brush to gently clean the air tubing if there’s visible dust or residue.
Regular cleaning prevents build-up and maintains air quality.
  • Replace mask cushions, pillows, and machine air filters.
Frequent replacement helps maintain hygiene and air quality.
  • Replace the mask frame (excluding headgear) and tubing.
  • Check for any cracks or wear that could affect the seal and therapy efficiency.
Regular inspection ensures the integrity and effectiveness of therapy.
  • Replace headgear, chin strap, and humidifier water tub.
  • Inspect headgear elasticity and adjust or replace it if it’s loose.
Maintaining these parts ensures comfort and therapy consistency.
Additional notes:
  • Regularly inspect all components for signs of wear or damage, replacing as necessary.
  • Keep spare parts like filters and tubing on hand for timely replacements.
  • Ensure the power cord and plug are in good condition, replacing if frayed or damaged.
  • Avoid using scented soaps or strong cleaning agents that might leave residue or damage the equipment.

Understanding the AirSense 10 Models

The AirSense 10 series excels in its blend of technology and user comfort. Features like the integrated humidifier, advanced event detection, and user-friendly interface make it a comprehensive solution for CPAP therapy.

  • AirSense 10 Elite: Consistent Fixed Air Pressure

    The AirSense 10 Elite is a fixed-pressure CPAP machine, ideal for users who require a consistent and steady level of air pressure throughout the night. It features advanced data tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor and understand their sleep patterns and therapy effectiveness. This model is perfect for those who have a consistent pressure requirement and seek stability in their CPAP therapy.

  • AirSense 10 AutoSet: Adaptive Pressure Adjustment

    The AirSense 10 AutoSet model is designed for dynamic therapy needs. It automatically adjusts the air pressure throughout the night, responding to subtle changes in your breathing pattern. This adaptability ensures that you receive the optimum pressure for effective therapy at any moment, enhancing comfort and efficacy. It's particularly suitable for users whose pressure needs vary during their sleep.

Difference Between AirSense 10 and AirSense 11

The AirSense 10 sets a high bar with its reliable features and ease of use. The AirSense 11, while building on this solid foundation, introduces a more interactive touchscreen and advanced connectivity options for a more intuitive experience.
Features and Specs AirSense 10 AutoSet AirSense 11 AutoSet
Sound Level 26.6 dBA 27 dBA
Weight 1248g 1130g
Size (Machine Only) 116mm x 150mm x 255mm 94.5mm x 138.5mm x 259.4mm
Power 90W AC Adaptor 65W AC Adaptor
Max Operating Altitude 8500 ft 9870 ft
AutoSet for Her Separate Machine Built-In Algorithm
Supplemental Oxygen Use Up to 4L per minute Up to 15 L per minute
Battery Backup Available
Built-In Humidifier
Heated Humidifier
Integrated Heated Hose
Pressure Settings from 4 cm H2O to 20 cm H2O
Ramp Functionality
Tracks Therapy Data
Care Check-In
Personal Therapy Assistant
Bluetooth Connectivity
OTA: Over-the-Air Software Updates
Test Drive

The AirSense 10 is known for its reliability and ease of use, while the AirSense 11 builds upon this with additional features like a more interactive touchscreen and advanced connectivity options, enhancing the overall user experience. For a detailed comparison, refer to the blog.

Pricing and Purchase Options

The ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet machine is regularly priced at $2,578 AUD, and the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite is priced at $1,678 AUD. To accommodate various budgets, NSW CPAP also provides flexible financing options, allowing customers to choose payment plans that suit their financial situation. For the latest information on special discounts, promotions and availability, please visit the NSW CPAP website.

  • Flexible Financing: Option like ZipPay are available, making the purchase more manageable.
  • Free Delivery: Enjoy free delivery for orders over $99 AUD, adding convenience to your purchase.
  • Special Offers: Keep an eye on NSW CPAP’s website for promotions and discounts on the AirSense 10.
  • Lifetime Support: NSW CPAP offers ongoing customer support for AirSense 10, providing expert guidance on set ups, troubleshoot fitting and comfort, and enhancing your therapy experience with this CPAP device.
  • Availability: The AirSense 10 is ready for dispatch or can be picked up at NSW CPAP locations such as Bondi Junction, Parramatta, Dee Why, Miranda​​, Canberra and now Port Macquarie.
What is a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is a medical device used primarily to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It works by delivering a steady stream of pressurised air through a mask, keeping the airway open during sleep. This prevents apnea episodes, where breathing stops temporarily, ensuring consistent and restful sleep. CPAP machines are considered an effective non-invasive treatment for OSA, helping to reduce snoring and improve overall sleep quality.

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How often should I clean my AirSense 10 machine?
Maintaining cleanliness for your AirSense 10 is essential for its performance and longevity. Weekly cleaning of the water tub and air filter is recommended. It’s advised to replace certain parts on a monthly basis, like the air filter, to maintain hygiene. Following the detailed maintenance schedule we provided above helps in prolonging the machine’s life and ensuring effective therapy.
Can I travel with my AirSense 10 machine?
Yes, the AirSense 10 is perfectly designed for travel. Its compact size and compatibility with various power supplies make it an ideal travel companion. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, the AirSense 10 ensures you continue your therapy uninterrupted, contributing to your well-being wherever you are.
What’s the difference between the AirSense 10 AutoSet and Elite models?
The AirSense 10 AutoSet adapts pressure automatically based on your breathing patterns, offering a responsive and personalised therapy experience. In contrast, the Elite model provides a fixed level of pressure, consistent throughout the night, ideal for users with stable therapy needs. Both models cater to different preferences but maintain the same high standard of sleep apnea therapy.
Is there a warranty for the AirSense 10?
The AirSense 10 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty provides users with assurance of quality and reliability, ensuring that any issues during the normal use of the machine are addressed by the manufacturer.
How does the AirSense 10 help with obstructive sleep apnea?

The AirSense 10 effectively treats obstructive sleep apnea by providing continuous positive airway pressure. This keeps the airways open during sleep, reducing apnea events, and improving overall sleep quality. Consistent use of the AirSense 10 leads to more restful and uninterrupted sleep, significantly improving daily life quality for those with sleep apnea.

For more detailed information on the AirSense 10, please visit the NSW CPAP website or contact their expert team.