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An effective form of therapy for sleep apnea when used correctly, CPAP treatment devices are made up of various components and parts. In order to get the most from your CPAP therapy, it’s important to keep it up every night. To ensure your machine is working as it should, allowing you to get the full effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy, your CPAP unit and accessories should be cleaned regularly.

Here at NSW CPAP we are your one stop shop for all your CPAP unit, mask and accessory cleaning needs.

Why Is It So Important to Clean Your CPAP Machine?

If you’re using your CPAP machine every night (as you should be), there will eventually be a build up of contaminants including bacteria, fungi and other mineral deposits. In order to keep your machine working well, the unit should be cleaned regularly to remove any build up.

The occurrence of contaminants in your CPAP machine can lead to you breathing them in, resulting in illness. Visible grime on your mask may also stop you from achieving a good seal between your mask and your face, leading to air leaks.

Failing to properly clean your CPAP unit regularly can lead to the equipment wearing and breaking down prematurely. You will increase the longevity of your machine if you clean it and complete basic maintenance on a regular basis.

Basic Cleaning

Your sleep specialists will be able to give you more information on cleaning your particular machine and accessories, or you can reach out to our CPAP experts here at NSW CPAP. But to get you started, here’s some tips for basic cleaning of your CPAP machine:

Use CPAP specific wipes or a CPAP sanitiser system to disinfect the mask, mask cushion and humidifier water chamber daily. It’s also good practice to get into the habit of wiping down the surface of your machine each day, which will remove any dust or germs. If you clean the necessary parts in the morning after waking, you know they'll be dry and ready for you when it’s time for bed that evening.

Once a week, do a more comprehensive clean, ensuring you thoroughly wipe down the mask frame and headgear, and soak your mask in an appropriate cleaning solution. Use a specific hose-cleaning brush to thoroughly clean the tubing of your machine.

Other Things to Note

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s advice for your particular CPAP unit and accessories when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you don’t use strong chemical cleaning solutions, and use only cleaning supplies specifically stated to be safe for your CPAP machine.


Here at NSW CPAP we stock all the necessary CPAP cleaning equipment to keep your unit in tip-top condition. Reach out to our team of sleep apnea treatment specialists to find out more about cleaning your CPAP machine, and to get support on your way to achieving a good night’s sleep.