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Comfort is key in making sure you get the most from your sleep apnea therapy. At first it can feel overwhelming to try to select the right CPAP mask that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Here at NSW CPAP, we stock an extensive range of ResMed masks so that you can get the style and fit that is right for you.

We provide competitive pricing to ensure we have the best prices in Australia, guaranteed. We also offer free delivery on all orders over $99 so that you can get started on your CPAP therapy right away.

ResMed Masks Available

Whether you’re a side sleeper or sleep on your back, a mouth breather or breathe through your nose - we’re sure we have a ResMed CPAP mask to suit you. ResMed uses innovative technology to create a simple, user-friendly and comfortable experience for all wearers, no matter their sleep preferences.

ResMed full face masks

Perfect for back sleepers and those that breathe through their mouths, a full face mask covers both airways. This is a good choice for users that have severe sleep apnea, and require a high pressure of airflow. ResMed full face masks are an excellent option for those that suffer from sinus issues or allergies that may affect their ability to comfortably breathe through their nose throughout the night.

ResMed nasal masks

ResMed nasal masks are a great option for side sleepers, as they will maintain a good seal throughout the night. They are smaller and less obtrusive than full face masks, and offer a more natural feeling of airflow to the nasal passage.

ResMed nasal pillow masks

The smallest and most lightweight CPAP mask option, ResMed nasal pillow masks are a great choice for people new to CPAP therapy, or those that can’t tolerate a large mask on their face. ResMed ensures their nasal pillow masks create a snug and stable fit for restless sleepers, with easy-to-adjust headgear making the experience simple and user-friendly.

Not Sure Which Is the Right ResMed Mask for You?

Here at NSW CPAP we are Australia’s leading supplier of ResMed CPAP masks. We’re confident that in our wide range of ResMed masks, you will find the right style to suit you and your needs.

Our friendly team of CPAP specialists are happy to help you find the right ResMed CPAP mask for you, to ensure a comfortable CPAP experience. With the combined knowledge and expertise our specialists will provide you with unparalleled expert advice to help you shop our ResMed range today.