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Finding the right CPAP mask for your needs is an important part of your sleep apnea therapy. You should be as comfortable as possible to ensure you continue CPAP every night, and get the most out of your CPAP therapy.

Nasal pillow masks rest on the wearer’s nostril entrance and send the pressurised air directly into the nose.

Who Can Use Nasal Pillow Masks?

If you’re a side sleeper, a nasal pillow mask is likely a good choice for you, as they are small and lightweight. If you sleep on your back, a nasal pillow mask can also be used, as this position will allow for any mask.

Nasal pillow masks are a great option for restless sleepers as the stretchy straps should keep the mask in position all night long, even as you toss and turn. For users that experience claustrophobia, a nasal pillow mask is a great option as it is the smallest and most lightweight style, with minimal facial coverage.

If you breathe predominantly through your nose during the night, a nasal pillow mask could be perfect for you, as the pressurised air is delivered directly to your nose.

Benefits of Nasal Pillow Masks

CPAP nasal pillow masks are considered the least obtrusive of all the CPAP masks, as they don’t have a hard shell. The straps work to hold the mask in place and maintain a good seal against your face to avoid air leakage. Some other masks (such as nasal masks) aren’t suitable for people with facial hair as it can be difficult to get a good seal, but a nasal pillow mask is often a good option for users with beards or moustaches.

The headgear is soft and adjustable for additional comfort while sleeping. Many new CPAP users find a nasal pillow mask is the easiest to tolerate while they adjust to air pressure therapy, as they are unobtrusive.

What if a Nasal Pillow Mask Isn’t Right for Me?

If you are predominantly a mouth breather, it’s likely a nasal pillow mask won’t be the right choice for you unless coupled with a chin strap to keep your mouth closed. For those that require a high level of pressure, nasal pillow masks may be uncomfortable as this high level of airflow will be directed right into the nasal passage.

If you suffer from sinus issues or allergies, a nasal pillow mask may exacerbate discomfort, dryness or stuffiness in the nasal airway. We offer plenty of alternatives if nasal pillow masks aren’t right for you, including nasal masks and full face masks.

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