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CPAP Data Analysis

Technologically advanced CPAP units are now fitted not only with heated humidification but also with portable or off-grid power options and software for therapy tracking. CPAP units are fitted with standard compliance tracking but newer models are now data capable.

Data Capable
Data capable CPAP machines are now available for OSA treatment therapy. This machine has a software application that allows a patient or his caregiver to track the progress and performance of the therapy. The software is capable of getting all the data to determine the efficiency of changes in the therapy and pinpoint concerns that may affect the therapy. The gathered information is helpful in determining whether changes are needed in the current therapy. With the gathered data, the doctor will be able to make changes in the type of mask and air pressure for therapy improvement.

Same as a standard compliance tracking CPAP machine, a date-capable machine is able to measure the hours spent in therapy. It is capable of tracking advanced data such as apnoea-hypopnoea index (AHI), leak rate and the average pressure if the machine used is an APAP.

Typical Data Sheet
The data or information recorded by a data-capable CPAP machine varies. Some have on-screen display to facilitate an easy and quick review of the therapy’s metrics. Leak rate and AHI information of the most recent therapy are displayed so the patient or caregiver can easily make adjustments. An example is Devilbiss IntelliPAP Auto Adjust machine. This has a SmartCode that is linked to a portal for online reporting. A code is accessible through the onscreen display, which is then entered in the designated product page to generate a report.

Some CPAP machines have external software that can be downloaded to gain access to the recorded data for analysis. This makes it possible for the OSA patient and his doctor to evaluate previous therapy sessions from 1 to 90 nights.

CPAP machines are not fitted with software to work but software is necessary to facilitate the downloading of gathered information. A CPAP machine’s software is only compatible with the machine it was built-in with.

Data Interpretation
The gathered data are analysed and interpreted by a qualified clinician or doctor. For the tech savvy, there are websites that have instructions on interpreting data. CPAP users are now more motivated to interpret their own data. Self-monitoring is recommended by some sleep doctors but patients must never change prescribed settings on their own.

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