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The BiPAP AVAPS is the most advanced Bi-Level machine ever produced in a DreamStation shell. This device has a pressure variant of between 4cm - 30cm h20. It is also programmed with all respiratory modes including S, ST, T, PC and CPAP.

The BiPAP AVAPS has a Digital Auto Trak feature that means no settings are needed. The device can be completely intuitive in it's triggering, cycling & leak compensation functions.

This model of BiPAP AVAPS has a 5 year Australian manufacturers warranty. It also comes with a 3G modem for remote monitoring purposes. This is a free service provided by CPAP Direct once the device is ordered through us. The DreamStation also has battery option for travelling and is one of the few machines left on the market that can be halved in size by removing the humidifier. 

Given the high end nature of this device, our crew will need to personally set up this device and run through correct operating procedures at the time of hand over. Please contact us if you have a respiratory or obstructive condition that requires a spontaneously timed BiPAP or Bi-Level device.

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