Philips DreamStation BiPAP Auto SV Advanced with Humidifier

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A BIPAP machine delivers 2 pressure, one for inspiration and one for exhalation. This device has Bi-Flex that is a comfort feature making the transition between the two pressures more comfortable.

Complex sleep apneas exists where central and obstructive sleep apnea occur in tandem and a servo-ventilator uses the EPAP pressure to treat the obstructive sleep apnea and it has an automatic IPAP pressure which provides the servo ventilation and reduces Central sleep apnea. This machine is called the advanced version as it also provides Automatic EPAP similar to an Automatic CPAP machine and makes this more adaptable to patients needs on a nightly basis.

Some patients only need to use a Spontaneous Timed (ST) machine to treat purely central apnea and the BIPAP Auto SV Advanced machine can be utilised for this. The BIPAP Auto Sv Advanced delivers one EPAP and one IPAP pressure whilst having a built in back up rate to machine assist with breathing when the patient has a central episode. It is called a times rate and the machine purely waits a set time and if no breath is detected it will deliver this for the patient.

The BIPAP Auto SV Advanced machine is suitable for many patients with COPD, MND, complex sleep apnea and purely central apnea.

The heated humidifier connects directly to the machine and features dry box technology to help reduce the chance of water entering the machine from the humidifier. The water chamber is dishwasher safe and is designed to be easily taken out for cleaning and filling. The chamber sits inside the humidifier and with the lid open can be lifted straight out of the humidifier and sat back inside and the lid closed to be ready for use again.

The humidifier can be set in a standard heating mode which provides constant heat levels throughout the night, with both the humidifier and heated tube having heat settings of 0 to 5 with 0 being off and 5 being the highest heat. Adaptive mode is also available which monitors ambient humidity and automatically adjusts heat levels during the night to provide optimum humidity. Preheat will heat the humidifier up to 30 minutes before starting therapy. Also available for additional purchase is the DreamStation Heated Tube to further increase therapy comfort by helping maintain heat and moisture in therapy air all the way to the mask. If the humidifier is not being used, the heated tube can be connected directly to the machine, though will not heat.

The Encore Pro software and SD card allows for downloading of the machine and will report in depth data from its advanced event detection for the previous 7 days while recording extensive machine usage. The Encore Pro software will also deliver breath by breath data, showing events analysed, pressure and flow signals.

EPAP Min – 4 – 25cm H2O
EPAP max – 4 – 25cm H2O
IPAP Min – 4 – 20cm H2O
IPAP Max – 4 – 20cm h2O
Rise Time
BPM – 4-30

BIPAP Package includes:
BIPAP Auto SV Advanced Machine
Heated Humidifier and chamber
Heated tubing Tubing
Reusable filter
Disposable ultra-fine filter
SD card
80W power pack
Carry bag
Standard 2 year warranty

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