Sefam Starck Automatic CPAP with humidifier

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Eligible for health insurance rebate.

Newly released in Australia, by leading European CPAP brand Sefam Medical.

– Features sleek design by acclaimed designer Philippe Starck
– Whisper quiet operation
– Automatic mode self-adjusts for maximum comfort and efficacy
– Includes ramp function to increase pressure to prescribed level during sleep [OR – algorithm continuously monitors to determines optimum pressure]
– Includes integrated heated humidifier
– Bluetooth connectivity (extensible with other iHealth device integrations for a complete health picture)
– Temperature controlled heated tube.

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Sleep. Beautifully.
The Starck Automatic CPAP combines leading technology with a unique design. It is as beautiful to look at as it is to use. Phillippe Starck has created the only CPAP device that doesn't look like a CPAP device ! As with all his award winning designs the Starck CPAP is the ultimate in aesthetics and the ultimate in simplicity. The result is a less intrusive CPAP machine, one that delivers to the highest clinical standards for the user whilst blending seamlessly with their home environment. Form meets function. Power meets simplicity. Sleep meets Starck.

Absolute efficacy

The Starck’s advanced algorithm treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea with clinical efficacy using continuous automatic adjustment. The right amount of air pressure for you, delivered at the right time, for a far better – and safer – night’s sleep.

Optimal comfort

Patented Sefam humidification technology ensures the most comfortable level of humidification for you. The heated hose then gently adjusts the air temperature to minimise condensation and to provide a more comfortable experience. And it does it all with whisper-quiet efficiency.

Perfect clarity

The simple, user-friendly motion sensitive digital display can be activated by a mere gesture or remotely, using the Sefam Access Lite App from your mobile device. All details are available at a glance, accessed via an intuitive interface to keep you – and your doctor – informed.

Discover the art of beautiful sleep. Discover the Starck CPAP  by Sefam Medical and NSW CPAP.

Download Specifications Here

Instructional video on how to setup your new Starck machine

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